Receive updates on activities and special offers as well as exciting news about amazing opportunities that could change your life in a heartbeat! You get more points by having your friends and family sign up as well.

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Receive updates on activities and special offers as well as exciting news about amazing opportunities that could change your life in a heartbeat! You get more points by having your friends and family sign up as well.

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These terms and conditions, collectively called "Program Rules" oversee the rewards protocol and the stature of Rewards Direct International ("the Program") on its relationship with members of the reward system. All membership terms of the rewards program are subject to qualification and verification by the Program Rules and these are applicable to all Rewards Programs set unless stipulated and overrule all previously stated Program Rules.

When you open a Rewards Program Membership or by availing of the Membership Card privileges or by redeeming the points you have accrued with the Membership Account number that is specific to your membership you agree to: (1) Read, understand and confirm to the Program Rules set in the Terms and Conditions; and (2) Agree to the Company’s policy of processing information which is personal in nature and the divulging of such information to third parties in conformance to the Company Privacy agreement.

All members shall choose the preferred relationship (the "Membership") with the Rewards Direct International Rewards program and based on the relationship selected the member shall accept communications that come from the Rewards Program they have chosen.

All members of the Rewards Program have the capacity to earn different reward points, based on the nature and frequency of their purchases and program usage. All members will gain a Membership Account Number that is usable for the Rewards Program at any time.

Members can earn Rewards Points, which is the currency for the Rewards Programs, while participating in the program they have selected for eligible redemption of accrued points on a purchase, discount or item indicated in the Program policy. All form of participation in the Rewards Program must conform to the Program Rules and Regulations as well as the policies set by the Company with its discretion to revise at a needed time. The Company has the right to update the Program Rules without providing notice at any time. The Company reserves the right to apply due interpretation and application of the Program Rules under its privy.

The accrual of Reward Points is subject to the terms and agreements set by the Program Rules. Each member of the Rewards Program is responsible for agreeing to the Program Rules, and reading all communication set by the Rewards Program such as newsletters, Account Management Statements to fully understand his or her rights, privileges and requirements, the current status of his or her Rewards Points in the Rewards Program as well as the process for earning and redeeming rewards.

The Rewards Program process can change and be modified, cancelled or limited at the Company's accord with or without discretion. The amount of Points accrued and required to redeem stated Reward or Rewards in the Program agreement can be increased or decreased based on the Company’s discretion.  Any rewards listed in the Rewards Program can be removed without providing notice and control over the distribution of rewards, as well as the number of same item rewards is subject to Quality Control and restriction ("Reward Redemption") modifications at any time.

Rewards Direct International and its partners have the legal right to modify, restrict, alter or remove any Reward from the Program Rules, Rewards and Redemption offers at any time, with or with no notice even if such changes modify the value and quality of Points, or the capacity of a Member to obtain certain Rewards.

Rewards Direct International and its partners can:

  1. Add or lower the number of Points accrued equivalent to a certain purchase, required to redeem a Reward
  2. Remove, alter, limit or push back any Reward
  3. Add blocked Reward dates, limit the availability of certain Rewards for redemption or restrict the continued availability of a certain Reward
  4. Change the benefits from the Program
  5. Change the partners, amenities served by the Company or its partners, condition of participation, mechanisms of earning Points, process of redeeming, retaining and canceling points or the rules that oversee the use of Rewards.
  6. Change or opt out from its Rewards partners. When accruing points, Members may not count on the continued availability of certain Reward listings or level or Rewards in any tier or division.

In addition, Rewards Direct International has the right of termination for all Rewards Programs by indicating this through a written notice to current Rewards Program Members as early as six months in advance of the Programs termination process. In this event, the right to accrue Points and use the Points for Rewards may end after the six month notice, despite the extent of participation among Members in the Rewards Program. The company has the right to terminate the Rewards Program at an earlier time in partiality or in its entirety in any jurisdiction as may be dictated by law.

After a Member has been approved for the Rewards Program, a Membership Account will be activated and a Membership Account number assigned to each Member. Once the member has received his or her account number, they become eligible to accrue and redeem Rewards Program Points. All Membership accounts can be terminated at the Company’s discretion if there are no Points accumulated in a period of 24 months. All Points in the Account will be forfeited in this event.

All Rewards Program Points and Rewards that have been accumulated by participating in the Rewards Program system are subject to taxation and liable cost. Any tax liability which includes the disclosure of receipt and usage of all Rewards Program points is the sole responsibility of the Member.

Members may earn and redeem Points at participating Rewards Direct International websites listed here: .

For all cases of fraudulent activity and abuse related to the Rewards Program, exploitation of Points Credit or use of amenities associated with the Rewards, the Company and its partners have the legal right to pursue legal and administrative action which includes and is not limited to the cancellation/removal of any Reward and cessation of the Program Membership as well as all accrued points and Rewards that the convicted member has acquired through the Rewards Program and forfeit all relevant Membership accounts, subject to Account closure.

All Membership in the Rewards Program which may include Reward certificates that have been previously issued to the Member may be suspended or cancelled at the discretion of the Company if the Member fails to pay any related membership fees or bills accrued due to the Company or any participating partner and / or accounts at participating Rewards that are due.
All Points awarded as well as redemption of Rewards from the Rewards Program may be void where prohibited by governing law.

All Members are provided with the privilege of using a Username and Password as well as devices to gain access to restricted portions ("access codes") of the Company’s Rewards Program. Content found in all restricted areas are confidential to the Company and is given to the Member for his or her personal usage alone. The Company has the legal right to prohibit the utility of such access by third parties on behalf of the Member where the Company determines that such utility deviates from the Web Site’s operation or results in beneficial use for competing entities or to the Company’s peril.

The RDI Rewards Program is operated by Rewards Direct International.

The company has the legal right to interpret and utilize the Program Rules and all questions, dispute about Program Rules to be resolved by Rewards Direct International at its own discretion.


Only persons are eligible for the Rewards Program membership and each member may maintain a single Membership Account only. All corporations, groups or business entities are not allowed to enroll as Reward Program participants. Employees of Rewards Direct International and/or its parent company Integrated Business Direct Limited are ineligible to participate in all Rewards Programs.

Accumulated Points are not considered property of the Member who accrues them. Points received through the Rewards Program by the Program Member are for his or her benefit and are non-transferrable to anyone except as provided in the Program policy. Points may be transferable to a legal spouse or domestic partner in the event of documented death by the owning Member. Additionally, there is a restricted exception for the movement of Points into the Rewards Account of a legally declared spouse or domestic partner in the event of qualification for specific Rewards listed in the Rewards Program. All points are non-transferrable to another member for another reason which can include inheritance or divorce. All points which the Company Rewards deems in its solitary preference to be transferred in violation of the Rewards Program Terms and Agreement can be confiscated, cancelled or terminated by the Company at its discretion.

Member information provided by a potential Member to the Company when qualifying for an application and using the Points is processed through the Company’s database systems both in the originating country where the information was provided and the systems located in the United Kingdom.

All communication of pertinent information is vital to appoint the Rewards Program and provide Members with the chance to use all the benefits associated with the Membership. Rewards Direct International will only disclose information of a member to the following entities:

  1. The Company and its partners
  2. Person(s) allotted by the Member as an authorized claimant
  3. Person(s) authorized by the Member
  4. Franchisees, fulfillment houses
  5. Email Service providers that are responsible for processing mail for the Company
  6. Marketing companies, partners that provide services to the Company for the following reasons:
    1. To improve the services stated in the Membership Account and keeping the Member updated on Account information and activities via utilizing printed and or electronic updates.
    2. To provide assessment of benefit entitlement
    3. To collate and process Member charges incurred in participating partners and Rewards
    4. To provide offers for additional products and goods to the Member
    5. To provide periodic Market Research and optional Surveys
    6. To provide the member with offer for products and goods from reputable organizations that have a strategic partnership or relationship that may be perceived as an interest to the Member.
  7. Once the member accepts to become a Rewards Program participant, the Member concedes to accept all kinds of information exchange described above. However the Member has the opportunity to alter and define his or her mailing preferences.


Name and address changes can be done by contacting RDI Customer Support: 11 G Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.

Name changes must include supporting legal documentation, signature, date and member account number.


All Rewards Program Members will be given an activity statement of his Account and a Rewards Program newsletter if the Member has accrued Points or has redeemed Points and claimed a Reward during the statement cut-off. The Member is responsible for informing the Rewards Program for all changes to his or her contact information such as the change in address and the Company nor does the Rewards Program have any legal responsibility for lost mail or the consequences of such.

All Members shall be responsible for making sure that his or her Points are appropriately credited to his Account. If the appropriate crediting does not occur or is not reflected in the Members Account Statement, the Member must complete a Missing Points Request Form and mail it along with a copy of the purchase receipt for the corresponding Point accrual to the Rewards Program Customer Services listed. Members should allot six to eight weeks for the Points to be properly credited to individual Membership Accounts.


In the event of an additional Rewards Program, all members may transfer from the current Rewards Program to the incumbent Rewards program at any time by contacting the relevant Rewards Program services unit and paying all fees associated with the transfer.

The Member Account Number will remain the same upon completion of Rewards Program transfer between existing Programs and all accrued points may or may not be transferred to the new Rewards Program selected upon the discretion of the company and upon the Terms and Conditions set by the new Rewards Program.

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